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Merlin Engineering Works was located in Palo Alto, California and offered upgrades, modifications, refurbishment and other services for quadruplex VTR's. 

The following files are available:

ME-01-02-03-04  Updated air system components for Ampex & RCA.

ME-08-09-10-11  Updated reel motor assemblies.

ME-18  An "Auxilliary Transport" for timesharing with a VR-1200.

This is the original version of the ME-28 TBC for quadruplex VTR's.  It is a moified Ampex TBC-800 which Ampex specified was for non-segmented VTR's, so Merlin apparently made changes to allow its operation with quad machines . This was available in 1975.

ME-28(B)  Although the Merlin model number remained unchanged, a later version of the ME-28 was produced using an NEC NTC 5000 TBC.  This was available in 1979.  You will also note on the sheet that kits were then available to upgrade earlier versions using the TBC-800.

ME-58-59  Digital Tape Timer.

ME-78  Color Framer Kit.

ME-128  Transport Tension Servo.

ME-148  Updated record drive switcher for Ampex & RCA.

ME-168  Replacement switches for Ampex.

ME-188  Modern DOC for Ampex & RCA.

This is a modified Adda VW-2 TBC.  It is an infinite window TBC/Framesync and was available in 1981.

ME-248  Updated relay control unit for Ampex.

ME-ACC  Various accessories for Ampex.

ME-REFURB  Describes several different machine refurbishment services.

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