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RCA 2"

RCA Broadcast Products was located in Camden, NJ and was the 2nd largest US manufacturer of quadruplex recorders. 

The following files are available:

2" Quadruplex VTR's

PROTOTYPE  First shown in 1958, this prototype led to the developement of the RCA Television Tape Recorders.

VTRX  This is an advertisement showing the pre-production version of the machine installed at WBTV in Charlotte, NC which was the first non-network facility to receive an RCA quad.

COMPARISONS  Pictures showing both the pre-production model VTRX and the production model TRT-1A.  Also a side by side comparison of the two versions of the color rack options for the machines.

TRT-1A  This is an advertisement for the production model TRT-1A.

TR-22D  The 22-D was the last version of the 22 series. The March 1966 list price was $59,500.
TR-70  This is the first version of the TR-70, and RCA's first Hi-Band machine. The March 1966 list price was $82,500. 

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RCA 2"
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