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AMPEX Miscellaneous

AMPEX was located in Redwood City, California and developed the first practical video recorder for broadcast use in 1958.  The company is still active in the field of data recording. 

The following files are available:

Miscellaneous Systems & Equipment

111  This is the product literature and the full manual for the Model 111 Bulk Eraser. 

HS-100 Press Kit  This is the original Press Release Kit for the HS-100 Disc Recorder.  Note the hand-drawn illustration of the controller, but B&W photographs are also included of the system in use as well as one of the disc platters. 

HS-100  This is the product literature for the HS-100. 

HS-100 Air  This is the product literature for the optional Air System for the HS-100 and HS-100B. 

HS-100C  This is product literature for the redesigned and last version of the HS-100.  The C version featured new electronics based on the AVR-2 including a digital TBC.  Several video performance specifications are significantly improved.  The Air System which had been an additional option for the original and B units became an integral part of the C design. 

HS-200  This is the product literature for the HS-200. 

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AMPEX Miscellaneous
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