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AMPEX 1" Video

AMPEX was located in Redwood City, California and developed the first practical video recorder for broadcast use in 1958.  The company is still active in the field of data recording. 

The following files are available:

1" Helical VTR's

VPR-7900  The VPR 7900 was the first of the 1" Helical machines to have the VPR (Video Production Recorder) designation.  It was the last series of machines in the traditional Type-A format transports.  Many of its features including flying erase and VHB carrier were later incorporated into the Type-C format machines.

VPR-7950  The VPR-7950 is the console version of the 7900 and included the TBC-790.

VPR-7950A  The VPR-7950A was an updated version of the 7950 and featured the TBC-800 digital TBC in place of the analog TBC-790.

Helical Accessories & SubSystems

TBC-790   Analog TBC for VPR-7900 series
TBC-800   Digital TBC for VPR-7900 series

AMPEX 2" Video
AMPEX 1" Video
AMPEX Miscellaneous
RCA 2"
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